Hoera! The start-up loan will continue to exist


start-up loan continues to exist Good news for starters in the mortgage market: the starters loan, for buyers who can not get enough mortgage themselves for their first house, remains! So you too can be eligible for this favorable form of lending in 2017. Last Wednesday this was announced by the Housing Housing Stimulation Fund (SVn).

Also required to pay off on starters loan

Due to the stricter mortgage rules, namely the obligatory repayments on loans, the start-up loan no longer met. The loan is in fact the first 3 years interest- and redemption-free and tax deductible. Handy, for when you as a starter just a little short to come to buy a property. Especially because as a starter you expect your income to increase in the coming years, so that you can pay the mortgage payments more easily.

An exception for repaying 3 years was made on the start-up loan; this exception expires at the end of this year. As a result, from the end of next year, it appeared that the story of the start-up loan came to an end. As a starter you can breathe a sigh of relief; a new construction for the starters loan has been devised.

Starter loan in package with combination loan

The start-up loan, which is provided from municipalities, provinces and housing associations, is added to the combination loan. The mandatory repayment is paid from the combination loan, so that the start-up loan meets the repayment requirement. The start-up loan will remain free for the first 3 years.

Are you planning to buy your first home soon? In addition to the start-up loan, there are other ways to buy the house of your dreams. We have put them in front of you.


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